SoundBalming with Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields

Running Toward Greatness with Reginald Gant

June 17, 2021 Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields
SoundBalming with Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields
Running Toward Greatness with Reginald Gant
Show Notes

What do monks, Olympians, and entrepreneurs all share in common?

At first glance, it is the differences between the three callings that appear most starkly. Monks devote their life to inconspicuous prayer and work in the stillness and stability of a monastic setting, while Olympians train and mold their body into a state of almost inhuman physical prowess, often gaining fame and vast fan followings as they do so. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs innovate, thinking outside the box and presenting new goods or services at the doors of the public. Although in quite different ways, monks, Olympians, and entrepreneurs do share a common pursuit: the pursuit of greatness.

In this episode,  Reginald Gant shares the habits to help you unlock your greatness. Reginald  is a man of many dreams who is out to serve the masses. He is a 4X author and Founder of Serve4Men, LLC and the SERVE principles, which is a personal development vehicle used to educate men, fathers, and husbands. He equips and encourages them to step into their leadership roles as protectors and providers by challenging them with the question “why not me” instead of allowing them to settle for less so that they can live life with a clear conscience and without regret. Reginald’s purpose is to assist men in finding their way because there is no manual or guide for manhood and fatherhood.

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